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Airbrush makeup

Now makeup of Hollywood divas is available to you!

Makeup House strives to always offer their customers more and better therefore we present you one of the best Airbrush Makeup brands - TEMPTU PRO. Lightweight, waterproof and durable, this silicone-based makeup is simply breath-taking.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush is special kind of makeup applied in a spray using a special air pressure gun and provides a sense of ease and luxury on the skin that lasts all day long. TEMPTU PRO is the best known brand of Airbrush Makeup which in heart of its formula contains silicone that doesn’t clog pores, allowing your skin to breathe. Specific makeup ingredients provide incredible durability, heat and moisture resistance and at the same time gives a flawless natural glow.

Except of its ease of carrying, this waterproof makeup is providing durability without need for additional repairs. Silicone based Airbrush makeup does not accumulate in the pores and tiny wrinkles, so once applied, this makeup is fixed, providing the same feeling all day long.

Airbrush makeup was originally designed for film and TV because of its durability and flawless look on HD cameras that detect the slightest imperfections. Because of its lightness and natural shine TEMPTU PRO makeup found place in everyday use and especially in Bridal makeup.

Over 30 years professionals use TEMPTU PRO products to make up greatest icons of fashion, music and film industry. Since the eighties, when it became an overnight hit among Hollywood makeup artists, until today, TEMPTU PRO is a symbol of modern makeup that sets new standards.

Price list

Service @Studio @Your place*
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Airbrush makeup 9 900 RSD
 (85€ - 100₣)
11 900 RSD
(100€ - 115₣)
Airbrush makeup & Hairstyle 14 900 RSD
(125€ - 145₣)
16 900 RSD
(145€ - 165₣)


We accept cash and credit cards payments Please note that value of services in Euro (€), Swiss Franc (₣) and Swedish krone (kr) are approximate and just for informing purpose.

Note: Displayed prices refer to individual services. For Bridal airbrush makeup and hairstyling we offer special Bridal packages. The price for the service @Your Place refers to the Belgrade City Central area. Price for a Belgrade second zone is increased by RSD 1 000. City zone map can be seen here. Price for services outside Belgrade depends on the distance - travel expenses price list can be seen here.

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We get frequently asked this questions...

What is the difference between classic and Airbrush Makeup?
The main difference is in the composition and makeup application. Airbrush is applied using a special air pressure gun in a thin layer of spray. While conventional makeup needs to be applied with 4-6 layers of makeup (primer, concealer, liquid foundation, loose powder, blush, highlighter) with Airbrush the same effect is achieved in 2 to 3 thin coats. In addition Airbrush makeup is waterproof, much more durable and gives a radiant and natural look. It dries in a few seconds after application and does not leave any stains on clothing or wedding gown and veil... Airbrush makeup is easily removed with makeup cleansing wipes.
Is Airbrush makeup same as self-tanning airbrush?
Airbrush makeup is often confused with airbrush self-tanning but besides application mode it has nothing to do with each other.
Is TEMPTU PRO makeup waterproof?
Yes, S/B (Silicone Based) products we use are waterproof. They are designed for all-day long wear and resistant to sweat.
Whether TEMPTU PRO makeup can be used with traditional makeup products?
Of course, studio Makeup House combines both methods in order to achieve the best effect.
Does TEMPTU PRO makeup contain gluten?
No, TEMPTU PRO products are gluten free.
Are TEMPTU PRO products tested on animals?
No, TEMPTU PRO products are not tested on animals.

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