Škola šminkanja Škola šminkanja

Makeup school

Learn the little tricks of professional makeup artists in one-on-one lessons.

Find out something new or just refresh your knowledge – how to highlight the most beautiful on yourself, how to apply makeup quickly and correctly, which makeup best suits your face and skin and how to make the best buy in makeup stores.

Lessons are fully customized to your desires, so in consultation with our makeup artists, you can choose what you would like to learn. If you wish for complete comfort we can come to your place. Schedule your appointment and choose the number of lessons – in our studio everything is customized for you.

Duration: 1, 2 or 4 meetings per 2h
You will use: Your everyday makeup + Studio makeup

If you wish to treat yourself or surprise your dear ones with the perfect gift that leaves no one indifferent, you can buy a special gift voucher for Tips & Tricks - Makeup School. The voucher serves as a mean of payment to bearer and can be used over a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. If you want to give away voucher we can personalize and send it to someone special as a surprise... Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Makeup consultant

Are you often unsure what to choose in a bunch of offered products? Have you ever bought something you didn’t need or lost a whole day searching for the perfect piece of makeup?

That is where we enter into the scene! Call us and tell us what are your makeup needs and available budget. We'll make the best choice tailored exclusively to your needs and go to the shopping along with you. We’ll test the various combinations to find the perfect shades and purchase products that work best for you.

It will be our pleasure to be your personal makeup consultant.

Price list

Service @Studio @Your address*
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Tips & Tricks Makeup school 1
Individual classes / 1 meeting
3 900 RSD
(35€ - 40₣)
7 800 RSD
(70€ - 80₣)
Tips & Tricks Makeup school 2
Individual classes / 2 meetings
6 900 RSD
(60€ - 70₣)
13 800 RSD
(120€ - 140₣)
Tips & Tricks Makeup school 4
Individual classes / 4 meetings
11 900 RSD
(100€ - 120₣)
23 800 RSD
(200€ - 240₣)
Makeup consultant
Common shopping in the duration of 2 hours
2 000 RSD
(15€ - 20₣)


We accept cash and credit cards payments. Please note thatValue of services in Euro (€) and Swiss Franc (₣)are approximate and just for informing purpose.

Notes: The price for Tips & Tricks @Your Place refers to the Belgrade City Central area. Price for a Belgrade second zone is increased by RSD 1 000. City zone map can be seen here. Makeup Consultant refers to shopping in city center, as well as in Ušče, Delta City or Zira Shopping malls.

Book your appointment online

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Book your appointment

You've found everything you are interested in and want to schedule your appointment? Enter required information and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation.


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We get asked these questions a lot...

Is there a special program by which classes are performed?
Ne postoji. Koncept naše škole polazi od činjenice da svaka osoba ima drugačije zahteve u vezi šminke, koji zavise od godina starosti, ličnih / poslovnih potreba, finansijskih mogućnisti... Upravo iz tog razloga škola šminkanja je prilagođena individualnim potrebama klijentkinja i pružamo im mogućnost da same odaberu šta bi želele da nauče ili usavrše.
Do I need to bring myown makeup?
We always recommend to our clients that they carry their makep which they use daily for a simple reason so that the makeup artist can see what you are using and what you have at your disposal. In this way, she can provide best advice and recommendations about things you are missing. Of course during all the meetings, studio makeup and accessories are available for the exercise.
Will I be a professional makeup artist after completing the makeup school?
No you wont. Makeup school is intended for those who want to learn or improve makeup application for their personal needs - to makeup themself. If you want to learn to professional make up application, you can choose one of our professional trainings we have in offer. More about our professional MUA trainings you can see here.
Can a school be organized for more than one person?
If you wish, there is always a possibility to adjust make-up school and organize in a smaller group for you and your friends. Feel free to contact us for more information.
What are class terms?
Classes are organized in consultation with you - according to your available time and, of course, free terms in studio.
When and how to schedule classes?
Makeup school can be scheduled whenever it suits you, for any date in advance. You can schedule your meetings by phone, e-mail, Whatsapp or Viber, but maybe easiest way is by our online form. As soon as we get your e-mail inquiry, we'll contact you and agree all the details. Please note that due to a number of commitments on the ground, Studio only works on the scheduling principle.
Are you coming to your home address??
If you wish for complete comfort we can come to your place.

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