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Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It is a day when only the best is good enough!

That is why Studio offers to all future brides more than embellishment. The first step is scheduling a service trial with consultations, according to your available time and commitments. In consultation with our stylists, we’ll come up with the best solution from your ideas and wishes. We’ll consider everything, from the features of your face and hair, up to wedding dress and jewelry that you’ll wear.

Makeup House team knows all the secrets that will help you to pronounce fateful YES in most beautiful look.

Packages & Prices

Our work marked over 500 weddings in which we participated, as a small but very important piece of the puzzle of these special and wonderful ceremonies. Based on our extensive experience, we have designed an offer of special service packages that allows you to get all beauty services at one place.

You can choose traditional makeup with brushes, but also Airbrush makeup an exclusive service that is simply breath-taking with its easiness and durability. Besides makeup exclusivity of our studio is bridal hairstyling. As hairstylists we don’t make any permanent changes to your hair, such as cutting or colouring, but we are specialized in making modern hairstyles. We are able to offer you some special discounts for your mother, sisters, bridesmaids and other important people. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact us and we’ll think up impeccable just for you.

Package / Services @Studio @Your Place*
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Professional makeup with service trial
9.900 RSD
(85€ - 100₣)
11.900 RSD
(100€ - 120₣)
Wedding GLAM
Professional makeup & Hairstyle with service trial
14.900 RSD
(125€ - 150₣)
16.900 RSD
(145€ - 170₣)
Perfect Bride
Airbrush makeup with service trial
18.900 RSD
(160€ - 190₣)
20.900 RSD
(175€ - 210₣)
Perfect Bride DE LUXE
Airbrush makeup & Hairstyle with service trial
22.900 RSD
(195€ - 230₣)
24.900 RSD
(210€ - 250₣)
Queen of the Day GLAM
Professional makeup & Hairstyle with service trial + Evening look*
24.900 RSD
(210€ - 250₣)
Queen of the Day DE LUXE
Airbrush makeup & Hairstyle with service trial + Evening look*
36.900 RSD
(310€ - 365₣)
Makeup and hairstyling services for bridal photo shooting few days before the wedding
+50% on price of selected package
(Wedding or Perfect Bride packages)

Value of services in Euro (€) and Swiss Franc (₣) are approximate and just for informing purpose.

The price of package includes service trial with consultations, false eyelashes and eyebrow correction. Bridal makeup and hairstyle trial takes place in the premises of the studio. The price of service @Your Place refers to the Belgrade City Central area. Price for a Belgrade second zone is increased by RSD 1,000. City zone map can be seen here. Price for services outside Belgrade depends on the distance - travel expenses price list can be seen here.

Evening look involves refreshment of makeup and / or hairstyle for the evening part of the wedding reception.
Prewedding involves providing makeup and hairstyling services for bridal photo shooting few days before or after the wedding.

Studio use only professional makeup such as Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Clarins, La Prairie, MAC, Kat Von D, Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, Benefit... For Airbrush makeup we use TEMPTU PRO S/B (Silicone Based) products, and for hairstyling we use EIMI - Wella Professionals.

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We get asked these questions a lot...

What is the difference between classical and Airbrush Makeup?
The main difference is in product composition and makeup application. Airbrush is applied using a special air pressure gun in a very thin layer of spray. In addition Airbrush makeup is waterproof, much more durable and gives a radiant and natural look. It dries in a few seconds after application and does not leave any stains on wedding dress and veil... Airbrush makeup is easily removed with makeup cleansing wipes. More about Airbrush makeup you can read here.
I saw makeup and hairstyle that I really liked and I want the same look. Is that possible?
Sure. Feel free to browse internet for a look that you like, send us a picture and we will be ready for your arrival. We will adapt every idea to you and your appearance. You can find an inspiration among the brides we already embellished for their weddings.
Is makeup and hairstyle trial required and whether it’s paid separately?
Makeup and hairstyle trial is not required, but it’s preferred and recommended in order to introduce us with your face, skin and hair, and as well as with your requirements and expectations. Also during the trial all your suggestions and corrections could be done without risk for makeup and/or hairstyle final look. Trial is not charged separately because it’s part of our bridal package, which price does not depend whether the trial was done or not.
How long does the trial takes?
Trial duration primarily depends on whether is makeup done with or without hairstyling. Trial is not just about work, it also involves consultations with makeup artist. On average makeup and hairstyle trial takes about 2.5 hours.
What is the best time for makeup and/or hair style trial?
It mostly depends on your commitments. Usually we appoint trials few weeks before the wedding, but the strict rule doesn’t exist and studio will fit to your available time, especially if you live abroad and have limited time during your stay in Belgrade. The only restriction is that the trial takes place in the studio premises on weekdays, since during the weekend all staff is engaged at the weddings.
When and how to schedule a trial?
Trial can be scheduled whenever it suits you, for any date in advance. If you are sure that you want our services, our advice is sooner - the better, as it’s often the case that some dates are reserved months in advance. With trial booking you automatically reserve your wedding day term. You can schedule your dates by phone, e-mail, Whatsapp or Viber, but maybe easiest way is by our online form. As soon as we get your e-mail inquiry, we'll contact you and agree all the details. Please note that due to a number of commitments on the ground, Studio only works on the scheduling principle.
Can you come to my address on wedding day?
Yes, if you select the package that includes service @Your Place. Regardless of whether we come to your home address, hotel where you are staying or a place where you are getting married, we'll be there at the appointed time.
Do you work outside Belgrade?
If necessary, we are able to work on weddings outside of Belgrade. In that case, travel costs are added on the price of the package, and they depend on the distance of location. Travel costs price list can be seen here. Please note that these prices cover the cost of the driver services and daily allowance and that studio has no influence on their creation. We are unable to accept transportation in your organization.
Beside me a larger number of girls need makeup and everyone should be ready at the same time, can Studio perform this?
Studio Makeup House employs several makeup artist and hairstylist so depending on the time we have at disposal a larger number of clients could be serviced (25 to 30). If necessary, all that could be done in several locations. In this case you need to notify us in a timely manner, because of entire organization and staff booking.
I live abroad and I have limited time available during my stay in Serbia. I would like to organize in advance as many things as possible.
We will help you as much as we can to prepare everything for your arrival in order not to unnecessarily waste any time. You can book your desired dates online and make all consultations with makeup artist and hairstylist by phone, e-mail, Whatsapp, Viber or Skype so we'll be fully prepared for your arrival. Studio has extensive experience in working with the brides living abroad and their guests who come to Serbia on the occasion of their wedding. Our staff speaks English, so you don’t have to worry about communication problems, if you or any of your guests does not speak Serbian.
What is the payment procedure on selected services?
After the trial a contract is being signed and wedding day booking is confirmed by advanced payment in amount of 5,000 to 10,000 RSD, depending on selected package. The rest of the price will be paid on the day of the wedding. All additional makeup / hair styles are payed after completion of service on wedding day. Services in the studio can be payed with cash and credit cards.
What if I am not satisfied with your service or trial outcome?
Although these are really rare situations, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the our service or trial outcome, simply by removing makeup and spoiling hairstyle you don't have any further obligations to the studio Makeup House.

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